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IMF says Brexit could result in severe regional and global damage


The International Monetary Fund has provided a new outlook to the possibility of the UK leaving the European Union saying this could result in "severe regional and global damage”. They have also commented that ‘Brexit’ may unsettle trading relationships and increase economic challenges for the UK and the rest of Europe.

The main concern the IMF have voiced is the possible decrease in confidence and investment if the referendum resulted in the UK leaving the EU. The belief is that an exit could negatively impact mutual trade, financial benefits of economic co-operation and existing EU economies of scale.

Volatility in markets may also occur due the uncertainty investor’s face, the IMF comments a leave will only increase this unce .....

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18 Apr 2016 by Paul Anderson Riley Banking

Which Type Of Savings Account is Best For You


When it comes to savings accounts there are now many options available to people looking to put money away. So what sort of account is right for you? This can depend on several factors, for example the access you need to this money and how quickly it is required. Here is some important information that may help to explain the different type of accounts available and how they can benefit you.

Instant Access Savings Accounts

If you need access to your money quickly, instant access savings accounts are ideal. Some instant access accounts come with a cash card so you can get at your money at any point if needed. There is likely to be a limit on how much you can take out bu .....

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4 May 2015 by Rebecca Stains Banking

The Financial Ombudsman Service


Money transactions happen all the time all over the world. It’s a consistent process which occurs every day generated by consumers, businesses and governments alike. It is estimated that in an average year as much as £2 quadrillion worth of monetary transactions are completed. (That looks like this: £2,000,000,000,000,000).

Historically, goods were bartered for (and in some cultures still are) and exchanged in order to obtain something you did not possess. But if you swapped a goat for a sheep, and the goat was unusable who would you complain to?

As people started using money in the exchange process so came a way to complain if you were not happy with the good or service and the seller couldn’t help.


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2 Jun 2014 by Barry Stamp Banking

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