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Richard Catlin

Richard has a degree in Geography from the University of Glamorgan. His long service with us means that Richard can cover any topic relating to credit or identity fraud.

Is Apple Card really different?


It’s news that will have slipped under the radar for lots of consumers, but for some, the imminent arrival of Apple Card in the UK is a big deal.

First off – a quick explanation of what it is. Rather than just a branded credit card, like the one on offer from rival tech giant, Amazon, the Apple Card really does promise something different.

First off, it’s undeniably Apple in terms of design. Made from laser-etched titanium, it doesn’t have the usual number embossed on the front, or a CVV number (the few digits you sometimes get asked for when paying for something over the phone). Instead, it uses technology within your iPhone to verify each purchase individually – which is claimed to be much more secure. After all, a credit c .....

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